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Top Java/J2EE Software Development Company

NexNora is the top web and mobile design and development company that offers scalable web designing solutions across the verticals.

Being the most popular programming language for Android smartphone apps and most favored for edge device and IoT development, we hold complete proficiency in Java.

NexNora is a highly trusted web design company based in India, the USA and UAE. We provide comprehensive website design services with a customer-centric approach. We have a team of highly dedicated responsive web designers offering scalable and robust services globally.Established in 2015, NexNora has proven track record of web design services globally. We had the privilege to work with various-sized businesses and industries across finance, education, healthcare, fantasy web designing and many industries.We provide complete website designing solutions from PSD to a responsive web design. We don’t just design, but also make sure to put our designed websites ahead in the market. Not to forget, the websites developed by us meets all the quality stands of Google, are SEO friendly, comes with load speed optimization, and are all browser compatible.

Blade | Dropwizard | Hibernate | JHipster | PrimeFaces

Java Development Company | Java Software Development Services

NexNora is a leading company with 5+ experience in the app/website development industry. Our team of developers has more than 3+ years of industry experience and expertise in various domains. Every one of our professionals are well versed with the latest technologies and tools to deliver comprehensive Java App Development Services, then be it for the website or for the applications; we create wonders.

We as a Java Development Company agree to the fact that Java is a dominant programming language used in the distributed environment of the internet and that encourages us to build scalable, platform-independent and robust and applications for diverse business domains.

Java is a widely-used programming language that was designed to have the look and feel of the C++ language. But in reality, Java enforces an object-oriented programming model, which makes it easier to use than C++

Why Go With Java:

  • Multithreaded
  • Secure
  • Portable
  • Platform-independent
  • Interpreted
  • Dynamic

Java Application And Software Development Services

It’s always wise to customize the appearance of a business website and that’s where the role of Java language comes in. Let us introduce to you the Java-based services that we provide. What’s All We Include in Java:

  • Custom Java Development
  • Java Web Development
  • Java Application & Maintenance
  • Java Mobile Development
  • Java/J2EE Development
  • Java Software Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Java Portal Development
  • Java eCommerce Development
  • Java UX/UI Development


NexNora is the top web and app design and development company that offers scalable web designing solutions across the verticals.We fabricate tailor-made PHP solutions that are responsive, rapid, and adaptable. The maturity of PHP simply propel our developers to build engaging, and interactive websites

With our earnest team of PHP web developers, we are among the leading PHP web development companies and we mean it.

Why Choose Java for Application Development?

Java is a high-level language with platform-independence and that makes it easy to access and developers’ first choice. Java is the Preferred language for designing complex applications. It is a secure language and has all the benefits that a developer can wish for developing an application.

  • Assures a High-Level Security
  • Debugging Capability
  • Debugging Capability
  • Provides Multiple APIs and Libraries
  • User-Friendly
  • Faster and Efficient

It doesn’t end here. Java derives its significance from other factors like object-orientation, message binding, polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, and Abstraction. So, if you are off to Java Development, NexNora can help you get to the heights.

We ensure client satisfaction with our team of Java professionals that too within time. We have already had our hands on 15+ projects using the Java Programming Language. We make sure to deploy Java as the most secure language and develop mobile and web applications with precision


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