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Mixed Reality (MR) technology brings you efficient and cost-effective immersive solutions to solve your real-world industrial problems. The MR-Powered Wearable Goggles like Hololens or Magic Leap are capable of understanding the surrounding spaces and trigger contextual digital infographics overlays on top of the physical environments. MR technology provides On-the-job assistance through interactive audio-visual guidance and remote support to the industrial workforce, which greatly increases production efficiencies by reducing errors. Fusion VR is the leading mixed reality company in India, delivering effective mixed reality solutions to address your unique challenges.

AR provides solutions that enable enterprises to improve workforce performance and productivity resulting in reduced downtime and better return on investment. Visual, auditory and sensory information is provided on the chosen device to support the execution of tasks. Training and step-by-step guidance are provided for operations, maintenance, quality control, product marketing, customer support, emergency response etc.



What is AR or Augmented Reality?

Mixed Reality or MR is the unique reality visualized when the digital and physical worlds meet to create an interactive and immersive environment around you. It could be considered an enhanced version of AR which gives better immersion.

MR provides the ability to visualize virtual/digital elements along with the physical space the user is in. The integrated hybrid environment thus created is immersive, interactive, intelligent and insightful, providing Context-Sensitive information immediately to the user. It enables the user to remain connected and move about in the real world with an experience that is augmented and enriched.

For example, while the user is the MR space, a virtual 3D modelled ball thrown in front could virtually hit the physical wall, bounce back, fall below with gravity and roll along the surface of the floor back to the user. MR requires the use of Holographic Goggles such as Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap One etc. to deliver this unique experience.


What is AR or Mixed Reality?

Welcome to Nexnoratech, where the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds blur, and the future of Mixed Reality (MR) unfolds. Immerse yourself in a realm where virtual and augmented realities converge, offering a spectrum of transformative experiences that redefine how we interact with the world.

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How is Mixed Reality (MR) used in enterprises today?

Mixed Reality technology is used today by enterprises in many different ways. Here are some mixed reality examples.

  • Design teams can visualize design elements and features in the desired environment and remotely collaborate with other experts and stakeholders on design reviews in real time. This reduces cost, effort, travel and time to complete the overall design process and brings products faster to the market
  • Remote Support is provided by enabling overlay of critical information, guidance and decisions from experts outside the workspace to perform critical tasks. It is used in industries in remote locations, hospitals, critical facilities and even academic institutions. This technology saves time, effort and money
  • Training professionals, anytime and anywhere! Medical professionals receive training on treatments and surgery procedures with virtual human models without resorting to the use of cadavers
  • Service Excellence for automotive customers. Enable customers to visualize car ergonomics, interiors, vehicle features, preferred colors, accessories etc. and finalize customization choices making that purchase


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